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Alternative Tours and Street-Art Workshops exploring the local, alternative, and multicultural sides of the city, street art, urban art, and graffiti scenes. Discover the hip and vibrant soul of Berlin and Hamburg with our fascinating tours that showcase the breathtaking street art, graffiti, and eclectic local alternative scenes that define these remarkable cities.

Our tours cater to everyone, from company outings and school groups to families and friends. Whether you’re already an art enthusiast, just starting your artistic journey, or a die-hard urban art fanatic, we have something for you.

Go beyond the tourist trail and experience Berlin’s and  Hamburg’s hidden gems. We’ll take you to explore the city’s alternative and underground scene, showcasing vibrant street art, captivating graffiti, and unique local and multicultural neighborhoods.

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Alternative Tours

Explore the intriguing walks that highlight the amazing street art, graffiti, and unique local alternative scenes that characterize these amazing cities and uncover the hip and lively soul of Alternative Berlin Tours and Alternative Hamburg Tours.

Visit creative living spaces, self-sustainability projects, and multicultural communities living side by side in “mostly” harmony but sometimes not.

You will discover some of the most iconic, beautiful, and edgy street art, mural art, and graffiti pieces, way off the typical tourist path. Learn about the famous artists and the social / political messages behind this language of the street.

Discover more details about our Alternative Tours.

Alternative Tours Berlin 2024
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Street Art Tours

Discover on our tours the street art explosion of the year 2000 and the key artists who not only came from Berlin and Hamburg but from all over the world to make their mark and whose art has become part of the impressive street art scenes of both cities.

Learn the meanings behind the art, the political messages, the techniques, the rules, the culture, the crews, the humor, the history of the scenes, their impact on society, and the backgrounds and motivations of the local and international artists that keep this world famous scene alive. 

Find out more about our Berlin Street Art Tours and our Hamburg Street Art Tours. Please feel free to contact us and we will be happy to provide you with more details about our tours.

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Street Art Tour in Hamburg 2024

Street Art Workshops

Unleash creativity in Berlin & Hamburg! Team Building & Street Art Workshops. Ideal for companies and school groups. Available onsite or at amazing urban locations.

Our street art workshops in Berlin and Hamburg are perfect for corporate teams, students, and friends. Fully customizable to your group’s needs, you can create individual pieces or collaborative artworks, including personalized touches like company logos. Join us for a unique and engaging experience tailored just for you!

Looking for a fun activity for your company, group, or school? Look no further! We offer an exciting Street Art workshop for your group at our amazing workshop locations in Berlin and Hamburg.

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Student Tours & Workshops

Our tours and workshops are also wonderful experiences for students. Students learn about the alternative scenes, local city life and see some amazing street art and urban art projects.

In our street art workshops students get the opportunity to learn the skills and make their own street art with cool guides they can relate too. The knowledge gained and skills learnt will last a lifetime and are amazing additions to their trip to Berlin & Hamburg.

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About Us

In 2006, we developed the concept of Alternative Tours and Workshops in Berlin, which changed the way people are guided not only in Berlin but across Europe and the world. A simple idea to take people off the typical tourist routes and show them the alternative, underground, street art, graffiti, local, and multicultural areas of the city and see them from a different perspective.

Our street art workshops teach wonderful skills and show guests a creative side of themselves that they may not be aware of. There is something very satisfying about seeing a shy student or company employee create a beautiful piece of art, take a great photo, or have a bright smile on their face at the end of my tours….. about alternative tours Berlin

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