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Alternative Tours Berlin

We created the concept of Alternative Tours Berlin & Hamburg since 2006, which has changed the way people are guided not only in Berlin and Germany but all over Europe and the world.

A simple idea to take people off the typical tourist route and show them the alternative, underground, street art, graffiti, local, and multi-cultural areas of the city, viewing them from different perspectives.

Our street art workshops teach wonderful skills and show guests a creative side to themselves that they may not be aware of.

There is something very satisfying about seeing a shy student or company employee create a wonderful piece of art, take a great photograph, or have a beaming smile on their face at the end of my tours. 

We have taken thousands of people on my Alternative Berlin, Alternative Hamburg, and Alternative Leipzig tours and workshops, including special interest groups, school groups, major global brands, famous celebrities, and private individuals.

Our tours have been featured on the BBC, The Guardian, New York Times, Melbourne Herald, easyJet, National Geographic, Get Your Guide, and many more.


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Professional Tours

When you book one of my tours, you get an insight into the city from over 17 years of guiding experience and involvement in the alternative and urban art scenes.

I will show you not only current examples of Berlin’s and Hamburg’s lifestyle but also the history of the local and alternative culture through my personal stories about life here, bars, clubs I have owned, projects I have been involved in and the special places few know about. These are my own personally led tours and workshops, alongside my other company activities, specifically for private groups who want to experience something unique together.

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