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Alternative Hamburg Tour

On this tour we take a close look at Hamburg’s diverse culture and community spirit through it’s amazing urban art, music, colourful neighbourhoods and creative projects. 

Discover many local and international street artists and graffiti writers with their social, political and sometimes humorous messages conveyed through their stunning works and visual depictions of life in the city of Hamburg. 

 You will learn about community protests, gentrification threats, urban art movements visiting repurposed bunkers, urban gardens, creative hubs, back alleys and hidden courtyards. 

Let us take you off the tourist trail and give you a fascinating inside look into Hamburg’s bohemian districts and alternative culture on this colourful, fun and inspiring tour.

This tour is perfect for groups of friends, company groups, school excursions and families. The tour ends two stations for the Hamburg Hauptbahnhof which gives easy access to all parts of the city. 

Alternative Tour Hamburg 2024
Alternative tours Hamburg 2024

Street Art Tour Hamburg

An indepth look at Hamburg’s unique street and graffiti scenes. Hamburg has a wide variety of urban art scenes some of which have garnered world wide fame through the likes of Daim & Oz while the stunning Styro art is a permanent feature on the city streets featuring both political and social messages while embracing the city’s famous maritime culture.

You´ll learn about the motives of the artists, techniques, styles and the culture while seeing both beautiful and edgy art in public parks, side streets, backyards, art houses and local neighborhoods.  

This tour is a photographers or street art enthusiasts wildest dream. You will have many opportunities to view the art in different contexts and vantage points.

The variety of Street Art in Hamburg is incredible and easily accessible on foot and in 2 hours we show you the history of urban art and give you wonderful insights that will change your perspective on this fascintating language of the street.

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Alternative Hamburg  Street Art Tours
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