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Alternative Walking Tours

Explore the intriguing walks that highlight the amazing street art, graffiti, and unique local alternative scenes that characterize these amazing cities and uncover the hip and lively soul of Alternative Berlin Tours and Alternative Hamburg Tours.

Off the beaten path tours showing the alternative scenes and local neighborhoods in Berlin and Hamburg. The amazing street art and graffiti and the spirit of the people that live day to day in these districts.

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Street Art / Graffiti Tours

Book a tour for your company, school group or friends. See the best Street art / urban art in Berlin, Hamburg and Leipzig.

Comprehensive tours that cover the history , the motivations, the rules and techniques of some of the greatest artists in the world that have left their marks and their messages.

Rock n Roll Outlaws / Club Kings

Tour of Berlin’s wonderful & influential music scenes. These tours cover the genres from Rockabilly to Hip Hop to pop, techno and Heavy Metal.

Hear the greats stories, visit the famous locations and get the get the lowdown on what makes Berlin’s music scene so incredible.

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