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Create Your Own Berlin Street Art in Our Workshops

Discover the vibrant world of street art in Berlin with our hands-on workshops. Perfect for beginners and enthusiasts alike, our classes offer a unique opportunity to learn from local artists and create your own urban masterpieces. Join us to explore Berlin’s iconic graffiti scene and unleash your creativity in the heart of the city.

Our Berlin Street Art Workshops offer a unique way to experience the city’s dynamic urban culture. Perfect for company team building activities, school groups, families and friends.

This hands-on activity is a fantastic way to truly experience Berlin’s vibrant, creative spirit.

Your group will learn all the skills and techniques to make your own street art pieces to take home with you. In our street art workshops, we teach you to think like an artist.

We teach you how to bring that inner creative side out through fun and easy going Berlin street art workshop.

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What to Expect in Our Street Art Workshops

Explore the Scene: Start your journey with a guided tour through Berlin’s most iconic street art districts. From hidden alleyways to massive murals, our guides will share the stories behind the art and the artists, giving you an insider’s look at this ever-evolving scene. 

After your tour, it’s time to unleash your inner artist! Our workshops are led by talented artists who will teach you the techniques and skills needed to create your own masterpiece. You’ll learn the tricks of the trade and discover your own unique style. 

You will create individual pieces that you can take home as a souvenir. Larger group canvas pieces can also be arranged with company logos and motifs. All materials are provided, so all you need to bring is your enthusiasm. 

Whether you’re a corporate team looking for a unique team-building activity, a school group eager to learn about urban art, or friends wanting a fun and creative day out, our workshops are tailored to suit all group sizes and interests.

Why Should You Take This Street Art Workshop?

  • Authentic Experience: Learn from expert street artists who live and breathe the city’s art scene. 
  • All art materials and protective gear is provided by us. 
  • Unleash Creativity: No prior art experience needed – just come ready to have fun and be creative. 
  • Memorable Activity: Create lasting memories and art pieces you’ll cherish forever.

This activity can be booked as a workshop only and to make a special event we are able to organise food and drinks for you with our partners if required.

Berlin Street Art Tour & Workshop

Street art & graffiti is everywhere in Berlin. Artists from around the world visit Berlin to paint both legal and illegal murals, small pieces and commissioned work. 

There are also the sweet-spots in the city that attract specific artists to visit, to paint, and also to admire the work of their peers. Some of which is off-the-radar of the casual observers, tourist groups and city-bloggers.

On this exciting tour we will criss cross the city and take you from the former east to the west of Berlin through abandoned industrial yards to backstreets, quiet courtyards, walls and some famous work as your guide (an active member of the scene) dazzles you with insider knowledge and tales from streets.     

From “tags” that are made while you´re asleep, to tiny street installations and stencils to giant murals that take up an entire building and dominate the city skyline, you will see a huge volume of beautiful, inspiring and edgy art from the past up to this present day.      

You´ll learn the meanings behind the art, the political messages, the techniques, the rules, the culture, the crews, the humor, the history of the scenes, impact on society and the backgrounds and motivations of the local and international artists that keep this world famous scene alive, active and part of Berlin´s modern folklore.      

 Come and explore Berlin’s incredible street art / graffiti scene show you’ll find urban art is more than just the writings “on the subway walls” but a way of life in this city.

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