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Team Building Workshops

We specialise in Private groups, from large corporations to small business, school groups and special interest groups. We give you the option of an onsite workshop where we come to your location, whether it´s your company grounds, school or social club or use one of our amazing locations in various cities. We bring this amazing activity to you, wherever you are in Germany.

Our team of experienced and passionate workshop hosts are dedicated to ensuring that you have the best possible experience. We can discuss themes with you and definitely cater for anyones artistic ability. No experience is needed for our workshops, and you will be amazed by your results.

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Street Art Tour & Workshop

The best way to the get maximum experience out of your day with us is to combine a Street art tour with your workshop. You’ll get a great insight how artists think and learn techniques from multiple artists that definitely help when the time comes to begin your workshop.

The huge number examples of street art, mural art and graffiti on the tour will amaze you and will be a worthy addition to your photo collection as we warm up for your Street art workshop.

Through a series of hands-on exercises and demonstrations, you will acquire essential street art skills, including stencil creation, spray can techniques, color blending, and unique mark-making methods. 

At the end of the street art workshop, you will walk away with your own personalised street art masterpiece on a canvas frame, ready to display in your home or showcase to friends and family.

The activity is suited to company outings, school groups, families and friends and is both beginners or the more experienced. 

Team Building Events

As a second option available to encourage teamwork and collaboration, participants will be divided into smaller groups. Together they will develop ideas, plan their designs and work together to create beautiful large-scale canvas paintings.

By participating in this street art workshop, your group will not only develop their artistic skills but also build trust, enhance communication and strengthen their bond as a cohesive unit. 

This experience provides an exciting break from ordinary team building or group excursion activities, leaving lasting memories and a tangible expression of your team’s collective spirit.  

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Workshop Preparation

After you’ve finished your tour armed with lots of knowledge of the urban art scene we start work on your own street art pieces. You will be able to choose from a large selection of motivs and you will also have the opportunity to draw you own if you wish. 

The spraying of your piece begins where you are taught spray can techniques, colour blending, shading and useful materials to make beautiful background for your stencil.

Street-Art Workshop Berlin
Street-Art Workshop Berlin
street art workshop Berlin
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graffiti workshop Berlin 2024
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Your personal Street Art piece

Your personal Street Art piece is finished and you will be amazed by the results. With the careful instruction we guarantee that each participant has a not only a fantastic souvenoir street art piece but wonderful memories of the day with your team or school class.

This workshop is suitable for all ages and no artistic experience is necessary. We aim to bring out that inner creative self that is inside of all us.

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Workshops With Us or at Your Location

We have some fantastic locations in Berlin and Hamburg that you can rent for your workshop. They range from art houses and creative centers to outdoor spaces with gardens and huge graffiti walls that will inspire you and provide plenty of space for your activities.

Many groups want to host their event in their own office space, hotel or school. No problem. We are completely mobile and can bring our workshop to you anywhere in Germany. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to experience creating art with very little organization on your part. We bring everything to you.

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